Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lost Stuff

On Saturday night, the lovely singles of Otter Creek provided a great ministry of offering babysitting for the parents to get a night off to go out to eat or just spend some time together. Sheryl and I dropped Kinsey off and went to see Narnia (yes, again).

When we got back, we picked Kinsey up and noticed that she didn't have her Cinderella doll with her. Now, this is a special Cinderella doll. It's a holiday Cinderella in a white dress, not the normal blue. She bought it with her allowance money. It's her doll.

Well, she was so tired that we really couldn't look hard for it, although we looked all over the building for it on Sunday morning when we got there at 7:30. No joy. Not in any of the rooms at all. And I fully expected Kinsey to go into crying fits about the whole thing, but she just said, "I guess I just lost it," and she's moved on.

Now, if it were me and I'd lost something like my PDA or one of my books or something like that, I would be despondent and/or having a crying fit. It really put into perspective the attachment I have to stuff, to MY things. Maybe Kinsey was thinking about the idea that she has about 10 other Disney Princess dolls, maybe she just didn't care.

However, if anyone finds a Holiday Cinderella doll at Otter Creek in the next couple of weeks or if someone took it home accidentally, I know Kinsey would be delighted to have it back.

Oh, also, Kinsey has taken to referring to the baby as George, thanks to Sheryl's mom. This means we need to decide pretty quickly what the real name will be before George sticks in her mind.


amanda said...

hmmm...i think john george has a nice ring to it! Older names are definitely coming back these days!

Anonymous said...

I like George too. But my son's name is Jasper so go figure.

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