Thursday, April 17, 2008

YouTube Thursday: Thanks, Mac

My absolute favorite Titans player ever, Steve McNair, retired from football today. I always thought he got the short shrift from some of the fans here. Whether that was racist or not, I'd like to think it wasn't. (Oh, btw, he never went to Baltimore, no matter what reality says.) I hate to use the term "warrior" to describe him, not because of any non-violent tendencies I might have, but because football is a game. He was tough, and resilient and competitive. And I hope he doesn't have any lasting damage from his time entertaining us on the field and gets to enjoy it with his family.

Nonetheless, my thoughts about McNair will always be a tough, great player and someone who, despite his failings, was the supreme competitor. And my favorite memory of him is in this video, about 2 minutes in. The end of the game sucked, but not because McNair didn't do his best to get the ball to the end zone.

1 comment:

Steve said...

He was a great player and deserving of what you said of him.

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