Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The No Picture Update

There will be pictures of the kids again someday, I promise. Just not today.

Kinsey is doing great. She's had a couple of rough spots with behavior and some of her school work, but she got a wake up call last week and both of those have very much improved. She's also been big about wanting to get outside and play which is great, of course. She's such a fun girl and I'm still enjoying being Daddy. She also lost her second tooth on Sunday which is also good, since the permanent tooth was growing in behind it.

Connor is also just a blast. He's not speaking completely coherently yet, but he can repeat things fairly well. I remember that Kinsey was doing much better at speaking at this point, but I'm realizing that people are different and kids develop differently. Plus, he's our baby, so him not talking completely yet is keeping the illusion of him being the baby for a while, but I am looking forward to him talking more. Everything else with him is great. He actually listens to us when we tell him to put something away and generally puts it back. He's not eating as well as we would like. Very few vegetables, but a lot of fruit, bread, cheese, and milk.

At any rate, that's the kid update. Still having fun and still enjoying the life of a parent.


Jim Voorhies said...

I've got a nephew who just finally ate his first bite of spinach salad two weeks ago and he's almost 30, so I wouldn't worry excessively about the veggies.

Cory said...

I LOVE your kids!!!!

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