Thursday, April 24, 2008

YouTube Thursday: The EdWord

Thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts about my grandmother, whether left here or sent through other methods. Sheryl and I both greatly appreciate it. And I will also say that I appreciate your thoughts on my writing as well. For a while, I fancied myself as something of a writer and worked on it. I haven't done so outside this blog for a while and so it's nice to get compliments on that.

Anyway, on a completely different note, I offer this video from last week's on-location-from-Philadelphia Colbert Report, where former Presidential candidate John Edwards pokes fun at the process, at himself, and still manages to slip in some talking points. He's also the funniest I've ever seen him. Enjoy.


Jim Voorhies said...

I want to be a spy too. I'm kinda Meh on the jet skis though.

Tony Arnold said...

Phil, just caught up on reading blogs. My family's prayers go out to your family.

Amy said...

I am such the blog-reading slacker. I am sorry for your family's loss, Phil.

belinda said...

I love John Edwards!

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