Thursday, January 17, 2008

YouTube Thursday: Sesame Street Theme Song

Man, I loved both of the opening and closing theme songs to Sesame Street.

Opening Theme from the mid 70s, I think.

Long Closing Theme. I loved the harmonica on this one.

Here's another one, with the funky 70's music starting about 2:05.

Good times


Brian said...

YOU, sir, are a saint. I have been singing these songs in my head, waking up in the morning with them still there, and I couldn't seem to find them! THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing me to relive my childhood memories with my absolute favorite theme, the CLOSING credits of Sesame Street, INCLUDING the funky part.
Words cannot fully express how happy I am now.

Enjoy your life!


Sean said...

Who did the funky 70s music?

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