Monday, January 07, 2008

Commentary on Comments

Up to this point, I haven't responded to the comments that are going on from Friday's post for a couple of reasons. 1) I've been involved in many of those conversations over the years, in particular a message board confrontation with the editor of Firm Foundation, back in the mid 90s. 2) I recognize Chris' type from many experiences of listening to conservative Church of Christ lectureships and occasionally reading from such publications as Seek the Old Paths, and the truth is that she is very convinced of her position and doesn't see any valid reason to give it up. And I can appreciate that.

Now, I might disagree with her interpretations of Scripture. I might even think that she is ripping Scripture completely out of context to make it support a position that she already thinks is the right one. If that's what I think (and I do), that's my opinion. I might even agree with Thomas+ and DB about their interpretations of Scripture.

Where I get weary is the continued focus and focus on the minutiae of this issue. Look, if someone wants to worship acapella completely, that's fine. I don't have an issue with that. I appreciate and love that part of my tradition and history. But just as convinced as Chris is that this is a spiritual "salvation" issue, I'm convinced that it's not. And I don't think that I would convince Chris otherwise and that she's not going to convince me otherwise. So I'm perfectly happy to allow her to think that I and people who agree with me are going to Hell, and I'll hope very much to see her with Christ in the afterlife.

And one other point: I think that if a nonChristian peeked in on this conversation, he or she would be VERY confused about why so much time has been spent on it.

Which actually gets to the underlying issue, that I'll start discussing later this week, which is the idea of Biblical authority and how we wrestle with that and respond to it. But that's for later.


Scott said...

Phil, I would hope that if a non-Christian peeked in on this conversation then they would see the error of their ways and immediately seek out the closest acappella worship service.

Greg said...

and DB needs to stop bringing up context. he's ruining everything.

Justin said...

Amen Brother Freeman!

(you know he ain't no pastor"

Anonymous said...

Psalm 100
"Worship the Lord with gladness, come before Him with joyful song and know that we are his people." Refreshing isn't it.

But major yikes if we determine that the way to do things is based on what the Russian church did in past years.

The conversation I've had with my own kids is that they are to dig into scripture and study for themselves. My husband and I have taught them our interpretations of scripture on the subject of instrumental worship. But fact is that if their faith stays in tact throughout their life, they will have to study for themselves and not just take what we say as gospel. Or at least that's my prayer. I pray they take the seed of Jesus that we have planted in their hearts and nurture growth through their own study. IMHO, the most important thing I can do as my kids' bible teacher, is teach them to dig for themselves.

Brian said...

Phil, you sure know how to whack the hornets' nest!

Don't worry about the "women in leadership" issue - that will be for your kids to figure out. Their kids will have an even bigger issue to resolve - gays in leadership.

belinda said...

"But major yikes if we determine that the way to do things is based on what the Russian church did in past years."

WHY? There were churches in Russia long before there were in America, even long before there was an America. Do you also feel that way about following the way the churches in Corinth worshipped?

Anonymous said...

Basing anything on the Russian way of life is a mistake IMHO. My experience with Russians has not led me to believe they lead the way in Christianity. Just a personal opinion from very personal experience.

To base anything we do on what another church has done or will do is crazy. We have to search the scriptures and prayerfully come to our own conclusions.

Mrs. Osipov said...

Your experience huh? My husband is Russian and lived there until 1999. Let's talk experiences.

And if we're not basing what we do from other churches, where did the idea originate to use instruments to begin with?

Thomas+ said...

Wow, even this group of comments has devolved. Bashing the faith of an entire nation of people? Seriously?

Personally, I get the idea to use instruments from God's Word. Check out Psalm 150. Praise him with those nasty man-made objects!

I am so superior it makes me want to vomit. And then I can return to my own vomit. And the circle of hubris will be complete. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd be using the book of Psalm to base the use of instruments being ok.
Not a nation. Not a person. Not a theory. Not an idea.
At it actually appears that there are instruments in heaven. Fancy that.
Guess the CoCs and the Orthodox will have to have a seperate section of heaven so they don't hear the harp, the trumpet and the cymbals.

Tony Arnold said...

"Guess the CoCs and the Orthodox will have to have a seperate section of heaven so they don't hear the harp, the trumpet and the cymbals."

No. Actually God will give us our own section of Heaven so that the rest of the Christian community in heaven can worship God ceaselessly in peace while not having to listen to our incessant, bickering crap.

Ooops, is sarcasm a sin too or just inspiration. :-)

Tony Arnold said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tony Arnold said...

P.S. so that no one is confused, my sarcasim was directed at my rigid brothers and sisters, bless their hearts. Since we are family I could do it. And I did add bless their hearts so that makes it ok since I am southern.

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