Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Verbal Perception

Last night, we had our good friend Jenn over for dinner. She's a part of our small group and our kids have just grown to love her very much. Kinsey just gravitated to her when she came over and the two of them played balloon volleyball for a while which was fun to watch. At one point in the dinner Jenn was listening to Connor do his babbling that he does and she mentioned that she can't wait until she can understand his babbling.

I was thinking about that as I was putting him to bed and it's so interesting how kids' verbal skills develop. Right now, Connor knows quite a few words: Mama and Dada for certain. He says "Anks" for Thanks. He can pretty clearly say "Here you go" when he's giving you something and is picking up things very quickly. Now, when I say he says stuff clearly, that means Sheryl and I can understand what he's saying, but others might need translation. This is honestly one of my favorite times for a child because you can almost watch the brain developing. He's picking up concepts and words and developing his communication skills almost everyday. And he's just such a sweet fun little boy. Just a joy.

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