Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vacation and Baseball

My family and I got to spend some time in North Georgia last week. We left Monday and got to spend some time alone before the rest of the family got there. We got to swim in Nottley Lake and generally just hang out which was very good and relaxing.

On Tuesday, Kinsey and I headed down to Atlanta to watch my favorite National League, the Braves, play my favorite American League team, the Boston Red Sox. It was about the only time we broke out the camera so here are the pictures of Kinsey's first Major League Baseball game.


Jeff said...

That's awesome, Phil. However, I didn't see the oxygen tanks or the sherpas that led you to your seats at Turner Field.

Heather said...

Phil, thanks so much. I know you probably think I'm crazy, but Scott was right -- I DO watch too much CSI! ;o)

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