Thursday, June 28, 2007

Caption This Picture!

I couldn't resist with all the news this week.

Caption this picture! Be funny!


Phil said...


Bush: I'm glad I was invited to this.

Cheney: Mental note: Have the photographer killed.

Scott said...

"ok nancy, here's your choice: Coulter attacks you in the media or Cheney breaks your kneecaps"

Justin said...

"Uncle Dick Uncle Dick, This lady's face is frozen like that!"

judy thomas said...

Let us pray.

Fajita said...

Bush: "Oh boy, I got me a real gasser coming out."

Pelosi (through her teeth): "How can I get out of here?"

Cheney: "I told him not to fart in front of the Speaker."

Ryan said...

BUSH: wow we're like the new fantastic four, I wonder if we could get one of those silver guys so people would think we're heroes.

Cheney: I bet bush is thinking again.

Pelosi: Please Help me.

jim said...

"If I whack them both, this room is totally mine! And Hillary thinks she can do the Sopranos!"

Thomas+ said...

You are playing a game of spin the bottle. In hell.

bridge said...

Bush (from the corner of his mouth): Steady there, Nance. He can and will shoot you in the face.

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