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Where Phil Gushes About Heroes (Again)

Sorry about the pics from yesterday. I'm not sure why they didn't appear, but they should be there now.

Ok. So it's 7 weeks until the next Heroes, and you see that cliff? That's me hanging off it. Don't read if you haven't watched.
  • HRG (Mr. Bennet) - Oh, man. The whole Bennet storyline is becoming extremely tragic. I thought we'd get a couple of weeks of HRG searching for Claire without knowing he was the one that had sent her away. However, I liked the twist of Mrs. Bennet knowing because he told her, but I hated the way it ended with the new "hero," um... powered human, or I guess just villain selling him out. I don't like where that story is going.

  • Claire - I like this one too. Not much exciting happened until the end when we found out that Mama Petrelli (!) was the one who was orchestrating the Hatian (who really needs a name). I'm really shocked by that and interested to see the direction this is going and why she was doing it.

  • Greg Parkman - Not much to him this week, but he's obviously being held and working for the OWI (Organization without Initials). I wonder what his wife thinks about him being gone, but not enough to want to see her again.

  • Niki/Jessica - So... Niki can control herself when Jessica is asleep? Not a bad twist, especially with her informing Nathan about Linderman knowing he's working with the FBI, but it does remind me a lot of an old 80s movie with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin called All of Me.

  • DL/Micah - Again not much here, but DL's face after he confronted Jessica about the picture shows that he knows more than he's revealing.

  • Hiro - I'm glad he's finally got the frakkin' sword. This storyline stretched out much longer than it needed to. I thought it was nice of Ando to knock out the curator (who dropped a Princess Bride reference). However, the future that Hero saw was very interesting. He and Ando ended up on the Devaux building (the one that Simone's father owned and where HRG got Baby Claire and Claude kept his birds and worked out with Peter). Also did anyone notice the building in the foreground when Hiro and Ando were looking over post nuclear New York? Didn't it look like it was being constructed?

  • Isaac - So they mess with his head by showing him Simone again and then did he shoot up to paint the future? It looked like he was looking for his heroin stash again. And then did he paint himself being Sylar-ed?

  • Nathan Petrelli - So he's not as slimy as we originally thought and actually working with the FBI. Well, was until Jessica gunned them down. And he's met with the big guy himself with a chance to take him out. But when Linderman promised him a ticket to the White House two years from now. Maybe he is still slimy.

  • Peter Petrelli - So he Claude's himself into Peter's office and goes looking for Mohinder. Oops, because...

  • Mohinder Suresh - Well, he figured out that Sylar wasn't Zane. Nice touch on the tea knocking him out, but then Sylar caught him monologuing. I kept saying to Sheryl that Mohinder needed to go ahead and shoot Sylar and was glad when he pulled the trigger, but had a "Cool... Oh crap" moment when Sylar stopped it. And for his trouble, Mohinder got stuck to the ceiling. And then in walks Peter, who gets an unexpected haircut and possibly the scar that FutureHiro mentioned on the train.
As I've said before, I love this show. They've done such a great job of pacing it and while they have a LOT of story lines, it's easy to keep track of them and where they're going. Especially how the Heroes cross paths with each other on a semi regular basis.

Do I have theories about what's coming next? No actually, I don't. I really, really don't know where the producers are going to take any of this, because where they ended up on Monday night was so different from what I thought might have happened. Like HRG for instance. No idea what the OWI is going to do to him. None. And Claire, what's next? She's found her grandmother, but is she going to keep Claire from the rest of the family? No idea. None.

And that's kind of a fun place to be.

At any rate, if you missed it, here's the trailer they showed at the end of the show.


Scott said...

Wouldn't it be cool if they all somehow managed to end up on the same plane and then said plane crashes on an unmarked island thousands of miles off-course?
But they soon find out that they are not alone on the island and they have to use their abilities to suss out the mysteries?

greg said...

I'm guessing they all end up in the same bank during a robbery...

I thought this week was great, and I was looking forward to the next one. However, when they said, "returns April 23rd" I was disappointed. I didn't realize there was going to be a break. Still, can't wait for it.

Karen said...

This is really the only show on all of TV that I would be upset to see go. It is abso-freakin-lutely the best thing on.

I'm like you; no theories, and just waiting to see what will happen next. I was totally bummed when HRG got taken in by the shape-shifter. Ooooo, is she the newest character to hate? The Mama Petrelli thing is cool, too; does she have powers we don't know about? After all, both of her sons have them.

April 23 can't come too soon. I guess I will just have to rewatch the old episodes while I'm waiting.

Malia said...

I'm really not liking this six-weeks on, six-weeks off sort of thing.

I'm also not so sure that I like this new twist thing every episode, like with Mama Petrelli. It's starting to get a bit complicated to pick up with. Kind of like with Lost...

I missed the "big, fat, non-greek" curator's Princess Bride reference! How's that possible? What was it?

hahas @ OWI & All of Me :-D

David noticed the re-building efforts in the future that Hiro and Ando transported to.

Phil said...

Malia, I was thinking about referencing him from Big, Fat Greek Wedding, but wasn't sure if that movie had passed from people's minds...

He was actually the one that made the reference. When Hiro first came in, the curator said, "there are very few remaining fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls left. It would be a pity to ruin these." Which brought a huge smile to my Princess Bride loving face (the rest of my body loves it too).

Do not compare Lost to Heroes. That's approaching blasphemy. I guess I can see how it could get somewhat confusing, but I'm doing pretty well at this point. OF course, I could just be obsessed with this show.

And it's good to know that David and I are just as observant as each other...

Malia said...

Yes, that is a Princess Bride "trackback" isn't it. Too funny!

Taft Brown said...

Phil- in regards to the end of Heros. Did you also notice as they stood on top of the building that in the distance there were cars going back and forth on a highway or raod.


elizabeth said...

A post about Heroes just warms my heart! :) I'm a little too crazy about this show. I loved the Princess Bride reference...too funny. I have no theories about where the story is going, but that's just because I have no imagination. Chad and I, too, had the "Cool...Oh, crap" moment when Sylar stopped the bullet. Also, had that same feeling when Mrs. Bennett wasn't the real Mrs. Bennett, but that other new "hero."

Yes, the Haitian needs a name. I was shocked by Mama Petrelli.

The Niki/Jessica thing kind of annoys me. I don't like how they can each come and go without reason.

I also noticed the building in the foreground...not sure what that means.

I thought Isaac's painting was of Mohinder on the ceiling. ???

I didn't remember what FutureHiro mentioned on the've got me lost on that one.

And, that's all the rambling I can do right now. I can't believe I have to wait until the end of April!

Phil said...

Elizabeth, when FutureHiro met Peter on the train, he mentioned that he looked different without the scar. The speculation is that Sylar gives him the scar Hiro was talking about.

And, no, Taft, I didn't notice that. Good catch.

OK, two new speculations I've heard about exploding New York and how Isaac's painting and Hiro's vision of the future could come true.

1) Most of the speculation is that it is Ted/Radioactive Man that blows up. The first theory is that Nathan Petrelli flies him up significantly above New York that he explodes, causing damage, but not completely destroying the city? Does Nathan die? Don't know. Would the show runners have the guts to kill him? I doubt it.

2) The other more outrageous theory I've heard is that Hiro teleports Ted back to the time of the dinosaurs (remember Isaac's painting) and Ted becomes the cause of the dinosaurs' extinction. I know, that's way out there. But there you have it.

Jeff said...

The only problem with the Nathan flying Ted above NY theory is that, to stay true to the future Hiro saw and Isaac painted, the bomb seems to originate within the city. I have to admit, I like the whole Ted causing the dinosaur extinction, but I doubt they are that brave, plus it would cause the geeks to rise up to say how there is no way that we wouldn't catch that (wouldn't we find traces of radiation and be able to determine the half-life to date when the explosion ocurred?) - and then there is the whole "Back to the Future" effect and causing a rift in time...oh wait, maybe I'm the geek.

We can theorize later, Phil. I do have to say that the one thing they didn't learn from Lost is having such a freaking long break - April 23rd?!?! Just because NBC wants to put some stupid pilot series in a prime slot. Oh well, guess I can go back to watching Hurley find a stupid car on the island or watch Jack kill another terrorist while struggling with his inner persecuted self.

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