Monday, March 26, 2007

Battlestar Galactica is Back...

Seriously, don't read this if you haven't watched Battlestar Galactica from last night night.

Ron Moore, I apologize. A month ago, I compared Battlestar Galactica to Lost. And not in a good way. But last night, you dropped so many bombshells in the show that to list them might take away from the effect of them, but I'm doing it anyway.

  • Acquitting Baltar of his crimes against humanity. OK, out of all of them, I think this one took the most cajones. People hate Baltar. He's a smarmy coward, who looks after his own self interest over all others. Even in the face of others dying. Getting Baltar off on the charges was bold and opens up a LOT of possibilities. I especially liked how people reacted to Baltar when he was acquitted as he was walking through the halls. I guess getting what you wanted didn't exactly give you what you thought, did it, Doctor? Oh, and I think Admiral Adama voting for acquittal is going to stop whatever... side benefits he was having with the president.

  • Starbuck is back. It seems that the intertubes exploded with fury when Moore killed Starbuck. She was loved by all the fanboys and fangirls and killing her apparently killed part of their souls as well. But now, she's back (somehow), she's been to earth (somehow), and she's going to lead the fleet there (somehow), while hopefully getting rid of the Cylon fleet that just jumped in behind them. So now, not only is she the best pilot out there, she's also going to have a Messiah complex. I'm sure that'll make her character much more likable . However, it does expand the plot nicely.

  • And finally... Anders is a Cylon (!), so is Tory (!), who Anders is sleeping with (to get over Starbuck?). The Chief is a Cylon (I guess Brother Cavil wasn't invited to the final 5 meetings), and Colonel Tigh is a Cylon?!?!?! I guess he was the defective model, because he was wonderfully screwed up. Several things... 1) That still leaves one more to be revealed. And I seem to remember Leoben whispering to Laura that Adama is a Cylon. Bill or Lee? Interesting possibilities abound there, if Leoben wasn't lying. 2) I loved how they all decided that being Cylons didn't make them automatically evil and they went back to their jobs. Of course, we have to hope that they don't have sleeper programming, like Boomer did. 3) Loved the use of All Along the Watchtower. Really plays into the "All of this has happened before that we haven't heard much of recently. So are they in the future and hearing something from their past or are we in their future and hearing something from our past? Or is it the collective Jungian soul playing out.
No matter what it's going to be a LONG, LONG wait until January. Way too long, in my opinion. They really must not be worried about picking up new viewers for the show. However, I really feel like the last 3 episodes really got the show back on track after some serious missteps this season. Hopefully the long layoff won't ruin it. Oh, and Thomas, I agree with the comment you made on the above post. BSG is about those things that you talked about, but at its heart is the story of finding Earth and escaping the Cylons. The humanity of the show happens around those plot lines.

Now, how much longer until Heroes starts back up?


Thomas+ said...

Phil, are you being coy or have you really not figured this one out yet?

Starbuck is a cylon, one of the final five. I think most of us saw that coming. When she died (the episode which basically revealed that she is a cylon if anyone was in any doubt) I didn't shed a tear. Why not? Because she was about to resurrect! So, the "final five" have been revealed.

The real question is this: who is Starbuck working for? Does she think the Cylons are "good" now, or has she converted to their anti-human ways. Likely, somewhere in between.

This reminded me so much of the end of last season, in that they just took the entire show and blew it up. Awesome!

I can not believe I have to wait until 2008. Bogus.

Once again, I will say it: BG is the best show on television.

Phil said...

I'm not there, Thomas. I can see why you would think that, and I can almost agree with you. But I just don't believe that Moore and Co will make Starbuck a Cylon. I think there's something more going on with her, maybe a third option (or fourth, if you could the human/Cylon hybrid [Cybrid]).

Clarissa said...

What is last night night?

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