Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sickness and Florida Pictures

Have I told you how much Connor and I are alike? Well, to add to it, Connor has been afflicted by one of my least favorite childhood ailments, strep throat. I remember many shots of antibiotics in the buttocks that I had to get so that I could get out and play within a couple of days. And my mom has said that I was so susceptible that I could be playing in the yard and someone could walk down the street with strep and I could get it. I think she was exaggerating, but possibly not by much. Connor had spiked a pretty high fever last week and when we took him to the doctor's office, they tested him to be sure and there you have it.

Also, this morning, Kinsey work up and I noticed that her right eye looked a little puffier and redder than normal. She said it itched some, and while we thought it was pink eye, we weren't sure. Sheryl took her to school and told the teacher, who said to leave her but call the doctor. We did, Sheryl ran her down, and yes it's conjunctivitis. Pinkeye. So another medicine to give.

I'm generally grateful that we have such healthy kids and we do. It's just kind of funny when they both get sick at the same time.

Last weekend, we took a trip down to the gulf coast of Florida to visit Sheryl's brother and his wife. Here's some pictures.

Sheryl, Kinsey, Connor, Paul and Sarah at the beach.

Connor enjoying a good laugh.

Kinsey too.

Kinsey, feeding sand to the waves.

Kinsey looking cute in very cold water.

Thankfully, Paul has an engineering mind to grade the sand properly for construction.

Sarah and Connor, trying to stay warm

Connor getting sleepy.

And my favorite one...


Clarissa said...

Wow. "Lookin' like her momma a little more ev'ry day."

Snapshot said...

Great pictures!

gavin richardson said...

cute pics

fabricsnob said...

love it. have I mentioned lately how much I love your family?

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