Friday, October 28, 2005

The England Journal: Wednesday 19 October

Well, first off, Kinsey’s fever was gone this morning which was fantastic. The night’s sleep did her a lot of good.

This was the last day of the HBC and it went great of course. A couple of the kids didn’t come back because they went away on holiday, but we had a great group still. We did all the fun songs and played a few more games and just had a whole bunch of fun.

After the HBC, many of us worked around the church for a while helping organize a lot of the cabinets and supplies in the back of it. I actually ended up at Marks’ place for a while to download some pictures to a disc so that I had plenty of room on the memory cards were Chatsworth and London.

Others went to a senior center and entertained them and got entertained. They all said that they had a blast.

After we got done, we ate and then got ready for the church meeting that night. There were about 40 people at the service, including us, and I did my talk that I had planned for Sunday and just adjusted it for a discussion time. I thought it went really well and got several compliments from people, which was nice.

At the end of the service, Mark gave all of us historical picture books about Loughborough and thanked us for the work that we’d done this week, and we ended the night with some really good fellowship and amazement at how close we’d grown with this congregation in just 4 days.

However, Kinsey fell asleep at 6pm again and woke up at 8, which meant that she didn’t fall back asleep until 1am again. She still seems to be on Nashville time somewhat and I’m really scared she’s only going to be on England time when we get back home.

Thursday 20 October

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