Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The England Journal: Sunday 16 October

Another very full day. We got off the church at about 9:45, which is late for my family’s usual leaving-for-church time of 7:10. We went to the Bible class taught by Paul Hill, Mark’s cousin. He was very entertaining and he had some interesting thoughts. Tony Saunders spoke at the worship service and I liked what he had to say about Priorities and was sorry to hear about the death of his 20-year-old grandson who died on Thursday of cancer.

We had a meal in the building behind the church for lunch and after that sat down to plan the HBC. Several of us then made a run to Sainsbury’s (a supermarket) for supplies and then to Woolworth’s, which I didn’t know still existed. We came back and did some painting for the HBC backdrop. We came back out to the auditorium for the evening service, then had snacks, and finally, Chinese for dinner. My family went back to Mr. and Mrs. Hill’s house where he and I forced Sheryl and Mrs. Hill to watch football highlights. Norman told some great stories and now we’re off to bed.

Monday 17 October

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