Thursday, October 27, 2005

The England Journal: Tuesday 18 October

Today was another tough/good day. Kinsey woke up with a fever again and a very wet (or chesty, as the English say) cough. We gave her some Tylenol and then Sudafed and she fell asleep very quickly and slept for almost two hours. We think it was the medicine cocktail.

At HBC today, I played Gideon in a skit with Dan Norton and Amanda Vick, the Banana Kids (Rotten and Ripe, respectively). It was a lot of fun and we’ve heard some great stories about how much fun the kids are having, as well as seeing it first hand from the. I’m kind of sorry that tomorrow is the last day.

After HBC, Mark took us to see some sites around Loughborough. We went to Mount Saint Bernard Abbey, just outside of Loughborough. We got some really great shots of the church and the area around it, including a really nice walk called the Calvary walk. Although Mark apologized for the lack of sun and blue sky, Sheryl and I found it a quintessentially English day.

From there, we went to Bradgate Park, where the ruins of the house that Lady Jane Grey lived in. It’s another beautiful countryside area and we got another slew of great pictures (I’ll have to buy another memory card tomorrow).

We ate supper back at the church and then did the young adult meeting. We did some icebreaker games and then Dan gave us some spiritual chewing gum about life and the lack of promise for ease in life. It led to some great discussion and thoughts from both the Brits and Americans. Then we hung out some more with the gang and I got brought back to Norman and Brenda’s.

Kinsey still has a fever, but we’re not giving here anything tonight in the hopes that it breaks finally. Tomorrow, the last day of the HBC and the Wednesday night meeting.

Wednesday 19 October

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