Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ski Trip Pictures

A couple of weeks back, Kinsey and I went out to Colorado with my sister and her daughter and my mom and dad to do some skiing and snowboarding. And we had a blast.

Kinsey and Katy on board the plane.

Kinsey getting ready to go out.

Kinsey coming down the slope. With poles this year.

Kinsey, my mom, and sister coming up the lift.
Me on the lift.

Kinsey and I at the top of one of the mountains.

My mom and dad with Kinsey at the top of the mountain.

Kinsey riding with me up the lift.

At the top of the slope before our last run.

Kinsey and Katy at the top of the same slope before we did our last run.

In the village on the day we left.
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