Monday, March 09, 2009

The Humor in Leadership

Friday, I talked about having transparency or at least translucency in church leadership. Another important aspect that was displayed to me this weekend was the ability to have a sense of humor.

Last Sunday, the elders at Otter Creek presented their ideas for the vision and priorities for the church, which you can read here. They taught a combined adult class, then three of the elders presented the sermon.

One of the opinions that came from those presentations is that while the information was good and most people were on board, how it was presented was not the most... exuberant. And recognizing this and having a sense of humor about it, the elders together with David Rubio produced the following video.

It's very, very good to serve under elders who know 1) when things have not gone over exactly as they might have liked and 2) who know how to use humor and poke fun at themselves.


Keith Brenton said...

Well ... it was a hoot while it lasted! I can understand, though, why some folks might consider it to shine a less-than-perfect light on the church.

Which, I think, was the point - and very well done. Elders are human, too. Not all of them are blessed with spellbinding presentation skills. Most are just humble, regular guys, looking out for the flock they hold dear and work to care for.

Thank heaven for that.

(I especially loved the "Bueller ... Bueller" clip insert!)

Keith Brenton said...

Oh, it's back!

I got a message that the clip was no longer available.

judy thomas said...

My favorite part was Kerry Patterson and the disappearing microphone.

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