Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Separation Anxiety

A funny thing has happened with Connor over the last two months or so. He has developed an almost pathological need to be around me or Sheryl, mainly Sheryl. We used to be able to drop him off in class at church and he'd rush in to play; last Sunday, though, he went into a crying and clutching fit in my attempt to drop him off. A couple of weeks ago, at the Y, when we dropped him off in childcare, he got himself so upset that he made himself throw up. And last night, when Kinsey and Sheryl went to a PTO meeting, he laid down in front of the door gate and cried for "Mom-ma! Mom-ma!" for 30 minutes until I was finally able to distract him.

It's weird because we didn't really have to deal with this with Kinsey, but we were also in a slightly different situation with Kinsey. At this age, Sheryl was working 3-5 days a week outside the house and my parents and Sheryl's parents were watching her regularly, so we were dropping her off somewhere all the time. With Connor, we're fortunate that Sheryl's able to be at home with him everyday and so they get a lot more time together.

It's just a funky phase that he's going through, but one that Sheryl and I agree that we hope will pass very quickly.


Jennifer Thompson said...

He did great Saturday, if it helps. Well, except when we had to pry him away from Kinsey to take him down to his classroom. But once he was there he was OK. :)

Elysa Henegar said...

We went through this with Riley, and it was difficult. We knew it would pass, but I remember that we dreaded the dramatic goodbye scene every time we dropped her off. You're right though, it eventually passes. In fact, at 8, she is determined that she will go to class "by herself.":)

Clarissa said...

I feel your pain!! Chloe is our only one to be bad with this, but one is enough!!

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