Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things Change

Remember a couple of months ago about the Good Place that we were in as a family with our kids?

Yeah, we're starting to come out of that.

Somehow in 2 months, Connor has become a two year old in some of his behaviors. Now, this isn't helped by Kinsey who likes to aggravate him and who Sheryl and I have to constantly remind her that she's the older one and doesn't need to do that (not that it worked with me either). But Connor is starting to get a bit more difficult, a bit more defiant, and a bit more willful.

However, he's also one of the cutest kids that I know and he's still fun and runs to see me when I get home from work. And really there's not much more I can ask right now.


Thomas McKenzie said...

Beat him. Spare the rod, etc.

Not really.

Phases suck, but they are all just phases. Though in the middle of them, they feel like an eternity.

DB Carden said...

I must admit it was funny when you called him to you on Saturday and he just turned around and walked away like he didn't know who you were...hilarious.

Tony Arnold said...

Testing boundaries. Children need the boundaries to feel safe, secure; and the only way they can determine this safety presence is to test the boundaries.

Much of this behavior is supposedly subconcious.

At least this is some of the professional rhetoric I have heard about willfulness at these young ages.

Hey, it might actually have some truth in it.

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