Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall 2008 Pictures

On Saturday, the four of us went out to a park to take advantage of the great weather and the fall colors and get some family pictures. I think they ended up very well.

I picked this one because of how well it shows the color of Connor's eyes.

Three people look great in this one. Who's the dork on the left?

I love this one, just for the expression on the kids' faces. We're saying happy cheese. Connor is in the middle of "Happy..."

I will cherish this one forever

Sister and Brother

Man, we are in SO much trouble when boys start to notice her.

Kinsey was insistent on doing a superhero pose.

Connor was close to a meltdown, but this held him off for a bit.

Just a couple of beautiful girls


Allison said...

These picture are great! Patrick and I miss this family!

Jim Voorhies said...

Enjoy them while they are still this age. Eventually they both will grow up and you will be the grumpy old father of a young woman who is dating people you deeply suspect - with reason. :)

bb said...

GREAT pictures!

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