Thursday, December 20, 2007

YouTube Thursday: 12 Days Straight No Chaser

One of the distinctives of the Churches of Christ is acapella music (without instruments). On one hand, it's easy to dismiss this dedication to a hermeneutic of fear as passe. But congregational acapella worship can be one of the most beautiful things you can hear.

And then there's the times when acapella music can simply kick butt, like in today's YouTube clip from 1998 where Straight No Chaser, the Indiana University Men's Chorus, sings the 12 Days of Christmas. Kind of.

If that embedded video isn't working, you can view it here...

Update 12/2008: Straight No Chaser released a Christmas CD in 2008. Check it out!


Amy said...

Hey, great minds think alike - love this video!

Thomas+ said...

Weird. I actually didn't see this on your site first, but got it FWD to me by someone who works with one of the singers.

Malia said...

Here's a story that we heard from one of DB's brothers.

Someone sent this link to J and J forwarded it onto one of the doctors in his group (J works for a medical company of some sort), that Dr then forwarded onto another Dr who was the original drummer for the band that is now known as Toto!! That Dr was with them before the changed their name and hit the big time...he went onto medical school they went onto to become a world-famous band. So Dr. Pre-Toto forwards it onto the Toto guys whom he his still friends with and they love it! No word though on whether or not any of them contacted the Straight No Chaser guys to express their appreciation.

Anonymous said...

If you like Straight No Chaser, you might be interested that they've reunited and are releasing an album next month on Atlantic Records:

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