Monday, December 03, 2007

Otter Creek Church of Christ History

Right now, Otter Creek is in the middle of series on time right now and as a part of a creative planning team, we've been trying to come up with some alternative ways of presentation. We've had a drama. We've had some readings. Yesterday we had the song "Seasons of Love" from the musical Rent. Yesterday, our topic was based in Ecclesiastes 3 and so, Brandon asked me to think about a video that could go along with the classic Byrd's tune, "Turn, Turn, Turn," basically taken from that passage. We scoured YouTube and tried to think about where it's been used in movies and just couldn't come with anything.

Now, two years ago, when Otter Creek was moving from our Granny White location to Franklin Road, we were encouraged to bring in pictures from the history of Otter Creek and we hung them on a wall. My thought was to do a video using those pictures so that's what I did. The video was shown as people were walking into church about 5 minutes before the actual service started, so I'm sure most people didn't see it. And I would think that most people who watched it had no idea what church the orange and brown one was (it was the way the building was configured before renovation in 1983) or even who some of the people were in the pictures. At any rate, it was fun for me to do and a nice way to pay tribute to the history of Otter Creek. Enjoy.


Kristen Brown said...

Taft and I saw it and so enjoyed it. Thank you for using your talents to share with others.

Rob Cox said...

Great job Phil! That brought back a lot of memories

Elizabeth S said...

I watched this video on Brandon's blog. I loved it! You did a fantastic job. Really made me realize how much I miss OC!

judy thomas said...

Thanks for everything you do and the expert way you do it--I loved the short video. Just wish there was some way to identify all the people there. For example, who was the couple out front of the old building? And who was the guy preaching in front of the orange curtain?

Phil said...

You know, I thought about that when I was creating it, Judy. But I felt like putting who each person was would have distracted from the overall feel.

About the ones you specifically asked about, the couple in front of the old building were John and Ruth Rucker, I'm not sure what year. And the guy in front of the orange curtain was Buddy Arnold, leading singing.

Christy said...

I loved it (and not just b/c my two handsome boys made an apperance). You do such good things and I want you to know you are appreciated:)

Anonymous said...

This video is wonderful. My family history at Otter Creek is in those pictures. Thank you for putting this together. I loved remembering!
Marlene Butler

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