Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Heroes Wednesday: Powerless

On the two entertainment websites I frequent, I've read about several people who have said they're done. That this finale is what has finally pushed them to a point where they can't watch Heroes anymore.

I'm not there myself, but even I couldn't stop myself from asking questions that didn't seem to have good answers (why hasn't Peter just read Adam's mind to find out the truth?). And the final section of the show where Nathan gets assassinated holds almost no resonance or fear of Nathan's death. Why is that? Well, the creators have totally undermined any death that happens on the show with Claire's blood. In the last two shows, we've had two people get shot, only to come back to life fairly quickly. So why should I believe that Nathan will be any different?

It's almost like the creators came up with all of these cool ideas for powers without thinking through the ramifications of each one. Or maybe that they can't put themselves properly into the heads of the characters themselves. Peter has all these amazing powers, but he appears as dumb as a post. Does he lose brain cells each time he goes shirtless? Mohinder IS a genius, but he's also as dumb as a box of pet rocks. So much of the plot of the show has depended on the characters acting in fairly stupid ways and so that takes the audience out of the plot and thinking, "Well, that's dumb. Why not fly after the assassin, or stop time to get him (or her)?" And it's not just that. It's some of the dumb writing. Sylar's "I'm ba-a-ack" was just lame. We know you're back. We just saw you telekinetically grab a can of spinach. Stop with the mustache twirling.

Now, I didn't completely hate the show. I thought that Hiro's plot line was very well done. I like Hiro being kind of gray and his solution for taking care of Adam was very clever. I thought that the scene in Mohinder's apartment with Sylar was well played and one of the better ones in the episode. Those two actors play well off each other.

I'm not done with the show yet. I'm giving it the rest of the season (whenever that happens, due to the writers' strike). But I'm not going to do what I did with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which should have ended after Season 3). I'm not going to watch just to see what happens to the characters. If after this season, I don't think it's worth my time, I'll just stop watching. And I think there are quite a few people who are already on that train.

My score: C-


gavin richardson said...

i agree on hiro, that was creative. i didn't see that one coming. what i was thinking when nathan got shot was.. big deal, he has adam's blood in him so he should regenerate just like everybody else. if they shot his head off, well, that might have proved differently.

i am seeing this become more soap opera than good drama. you spend all this time setting up for a big dramatic event, but it is never that dramatic and it doesn't sustain enough to be considered an actual event. these folks just saved the world.. and fairly easily i saw

Scott said...

So, what will it take for you to pull the plug?

Rev. J said...

I am placing the blame for a lukewarm close to the second volume on the writer’s strike. Before Heroes started the boasted it would be a long season but then the writer’s decided to go on strike.

My feeling is that the Heroes ‘people’ decided they would end the second volume before the New Year and quickly close this story line. That is why all the crappy loose ends and stupidity. I agree this season was definitely not even close to as good as the first, but once again we are working with writers who were more focused on DVD sales than good scripts.

When the eve of the strike was upon them, the probably threw together the garbage we have watched, hoping to appease the crowd. I’ll hang on till season three, ‘when they return in 2008’ [whenever that is].

Here is a though [Phil enjoy your blog by the way and just recently found it thanks to Gavin] what would make Heroes better next year? Another global disaster I think would be stupid? A real battle between the heroes and Sylar and Adam would have some good possibilities. It needs to go back to its comic book roots and now that character are developed go back to some fighting (like Peter and Hiro’s last struggle, that was actually getting cool).

rebafallawake said...

I am on that train. I am hoping next "season" is better if not I am off the train. This whole season was a why on earth are they doing that question...

Rob Cox said...

Ok, so what you're saying is that you can believe:

* a man can fly

* a man can teleport across the world and even go back in time 400 years

* a girl can regenerate digits

* a man can take powers by eating their brains

* a kid can talk to stop lights...

but asking you to believe that Peter did not consider reading Adam's mind is too much?


I agree with rev.j for the most part. They were planning on having two chapters this season instead of one really chapter. I read, on the producers blog I think, that they did end this first chapter earlier because of the strike. Having to rush the ending and wrap it all up in an hour would have been difficult for anyone.

I've read that the next chapter is going to focus on the villans and have them come together in the same way the heroes have. It sounds like we'll see people discover their powers and use them in criminal ways.

Justin said...

Anyone else feel like the young heroes are trying out the exact same path as the old heroes?

Thomas+ said...

I agree that it is pretty obvious that they started out too slow and then said "oh crap, we have to go really fast." The pacing was completely out of whack.

And Hiro's "solution" for Adam sucked. First, because it is so evil. And second, because Adam is out of that in about a month. If he can keep regenerating, he can keep working on that coffin, and the attending dirt, until he is out. Kill Bill Volume II, anyone?

Oh, and by the way. I don't read about the show online, so I assume I am not nearly the first person to point this out:

400+ year old white man from Britain who is immortal, who wields a Samurai sword, and who can only be killed if his head comes off? Highlander, people. There can be only one. Or two.

gavin richardson said...

so thomas are we anticipating the gathering.

Jeff said...

Ahh, the season two doldrums. I think I warned of this last season with the problem of having an unlimited bag of hero powers to work with.

"Lost" anyone?

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