Thursday, August 09, 2007

YouTube Thursday: Hip-Hop Violin

I really, really enjoyed this when I first saw it and have continued to each time I watch it. Two very talented guys with very different talents.

btw, if anyone knows what the heck is going on with my Blogger template, please let me know.


GKB said...

Any idea if there is a new genre of this type of music?

I love the commercial where 50 Cent leads the symphony orchestra in a version of In Da Club. I would totally buy that album, or any album that had the hip hop sound with an orchestra or classic musicians. Sort of like Metallica's S&M...e

Phil said...


That's actually how I found this video. I searched YouTube for Hip Hop Orchestra or something like that so see if there were a longer version of the song on the commercial.

Mike Jones said...

Wow! That was amazing!

Thanks for posting that - talk about innovation!

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