Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fantasy Football Round 2

Well, after coming in third in the Blogger Bowl Fantasy Football last year, I'm giving it another shot. I drafted 10th out of 10, but I think I ended up doing pretty well.

QB: Peyton Manning, Indianapolis
Wide Receivers: Lee Evans, Buffalo; Hines Ward, Pittsburgh; Devin Hester, Chicago
Running Backs: Laurence Mauroney, New England; Lendale White, Tennessee
Tight End: Antonio Gates, San Diego
W/R (Wide receiver or running back): Michael Turner, San Diego
W/T (Wide Receiver or tight end): Matt Jones, Jacksonville
Defense: Chicago
K: Jason Elam, Denver

I have a bench of course, but I won't go through all of that. I don't think I did too bad over all. I'm hoping that Peyton throws 40 or so TDs and that pretty much takes care of everything.


Anonymous said...

Who were your first two picks? Is it a TD + yardage league?

Phil said...

Manning and Mauroney were 1 and 2. And yes, TD and yards, mostly.

Jeff said...

Well Phil, nobody must have told you that the key to fantasy football is your running backs. Picking 10th, I'm assuming most of the good ones were gone, so Peyton was a good choice. But Mauroney will have trouble getting the ball with all those receivers, and Lendale? are you serious? The Titans will be running by committee anyway, with Young probably getting most of the short TD runs.

Good luck. My draft is tonight.

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