Monday, August 20, 2007

High School Musical 2: Behold the Cheese

According to, High School Musical 2 was the most watched cable television show ever with 17.2 million people watching.

If they were anything like me and Sheryl, they were disappointed by it and immediately wanted to watch the original's songs. The fun thing about the first one was that it was cheesy and it knew it, but still had fun. For the sequel, it's like it was under the weight of the expectations for it and tried TOO hard to be the fun cheesy, and even making Troy the brooding hero in "Bet On It," while I'm sure it made the preteen girls' heart go a-flutter, just was laughably bad.

Oh well, the string of sequels not living up to the original continues, partially broken by Toy Story 2 and The Empire Strikes Back and a few others.

Here's some from the original to wash the taste out...


Scott said...

aargh! Make is stop already.

DB Carden said...

Jbelle has been clamoring to watch it....sounds like I am glad to not have cable.

David said...

Reminded me of the summer seasons of Saved By The Bell, with Leah Remini and and Ernie Sabella (No I didn't just know that, I had to look on IMDB). You know where the cheese got lost with the serious issues of summer love, work and such.

Jeff said...

I think one Sunday morning Ministry Moment should be "We're All in This Together" with Brandon and Laura Troup as the leads.

I turned HSM2 on right with Zac Effron leaping through the golf course...I immediately turned it off.

Phil, when's our Heroes countdown and preview to season 2 start? Did you see Veronica Mars will be a character?

Phil said...

Patience, my son. Patience.

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