Monday, September 11, 2006

Confronted by Evil

I'm watching the coverage of 9/11 on CNN's Pipeline right now, which is broadcasting their live feed from 2001. It's amazing the confusion and fear that you hear in anchors' and eyewitnesses' voices. I remember hearing about this from Sheryl as she was on her way into work and initially thinking it was an accident and a very unfortunate one... and then the second plane hit.

Listening now, I hear the first mention of possible terrorism and how much that idea and notion has changed for us. We're engaged in a war on terror and a war in Iraq. Something that has changed us as a nation and people forever. Evil stared us in the face.

It is a day of tragic remembrance. For a riveting 1st person account, I highly recommend For Thou Art With Us by Sarah Bunting.

Faith in these times is either broken because how can a good God allow such tragedies or it becomes a strength, because God is good and his strength enables us to make it to the next minute. I choose faith as a strength, even in the face of unspeakable evil.

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