Thursday, September 28, 2006

Caption This Picture!

Be funny.


Phil said...

DVader: Yo
EmpPalp: What do u want?
DVader: nothing wanted to wht u were doing
EmpPalp: stuck in meeting this the stormtrooper captains
DVader: :-( Im just hangin on the couch
EmpPalp: ttyl

Tony Arnold said...

Watch Tonight!

The premier of the SciFi Channel's new fall series, "SciFi Stars: Where Are They Now"

DV: "Well, the fans are just great. They really keep the whole Star Wars thing going and the new movies have helped a lot. I do a lot of fan conventions you know. And as you can see, I spend a lot of time answering fans in the Star Wars chat rooms."

SciFi: "So what are you answering, what is the topic your replying to at the moment?"

DV: " tell the truth...I am actually at the Star Trek site heckling Shatner. He's doing a live chat at the moment. Man, he is a pompous a...Hey, you can edit this out right?"


Tiffany said...

SxyVdr: Hi, fxymama221 u sure r cute. Will u meet me for dinner sometime? There is a fun Chinese buffet close to my mom's, I mean my, house. (ps - would u be willing to wear a gold bikini if asked?)

Malia said...

Use tools, feel human.

DJG said...

"Dell, I am your FAATHER!"

(I know it is an IBM, but it didn't flow!)

Justin said...


Gary W. Kirkendall said...

Its tru! John Dobbs has goneover to the dark side!

C D said...

... that could be my husband. He bought that mask... and has a lap top... *ack*

c said...

"i wonder what a death star will run me on ebay?"

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