Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Kinsey and Connor Updates

Well, Connor went to the doctor yesterday and he's gained 10 ounces in the last week. This is very good news and we're glad that he's gaining his weight back. Kinsey also had her 5 year appointment and had to get three shots. Bummer for her.

She also loves Connor unabashedly. She always wants to hold him and comfort him when he's crying. It's so amazing to watch her and even though she sometimes comforts him too vigorously or wants to be too close to him, watching her love on him is one of my favorite things to do.

She's also fulfilled another role in the family... diaper smeller. Anytime we suspect that Connor has a diaper, she runs over to smell it and tells us what it is. And she hasn't been wrong yet.So here are some pictures of the kids. I hope you enjoy them.

Connor sleeping at Nana and Papa's

Connor in his bouncy seat

Kinsey on her birthday present

Maybe my favorite picture of all Posted by Picasa


amanda said...

what a great kinsey/connor pic to wake up to for my b'day! the day's already starting off nicely!
can't wait to visit you guys tomorrow (taking the day off!); lemme know what time is best!!

Fajita said...

Sweet photos.

Tony Arnold said...

You all seem to be doing such a good job at balance in this time of change. I am impressed.


Clarissa said...

How precious. I'm struck with the fact that God's timing is so good. Kinsey will be such a good helper and big sister at this age.

elizabeth said...

Beautiful children!

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