Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The England Journal: Sunday, October 23

Home. At last.

I’m very glad to be here. As much as we loved England and the time that we spent there, there’s no place like home.

We caught our taxis at about 9 this morning, with very little room to spare inside the vehicles for us, our bags, and Michelle’s cement samples. Then we flew through the city to get to Heathrow. It was my first time going to the airport by not using the Heathrow Express so that was kind of fun. Heathrow was fine and we got on our plane.

The neverending flight. Seriously, I thought that this flight was never going to end. Not because Kinsey was bad or there was a lot of turbulence, it was just a long flight. And unlike the flight to London, there were no good movies. Sure there was Bewitched, but after a promising first half, the last half was absolutely horrible. I watched a couple of episodes of CSI and tried to read. However, we got to Chicago finally.

And Chicago was no fun. We had to get all of our luggage (including Michelle’s) and go through Customs and then recheck all of our luggage. I understand that that is how it has to work, but man, it was a serious hassle.

We hung out for our flight to Nashville, and then learned that our flight was over its weight limit and they needed some people to volunteer to take a later flight (incentives offered of course), so Bart offered to stay behind, with the joke becoming that Michelle’s luggage bumped Bart off.

We finally got back to Nashville at about 7:30 and some of the people from church were waiting for us along with my mom and dad. Kinsey had to introduce everyone to her Gee (my mom). We hugged everyone and being kind of tired of being with them, left and got home at a decent time.

I’m glad to be sleeping in my own bed tonight.

Non Journal Note:
Well, that's the end of the journal. I think that over the next couple of days I'll post some pictures of the trip and then on Friday I'll post some of my post trip thoughts.


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Malia said...

Yea! I want pictures, give me pictures!

It's been fun reading.

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