Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The England Journal: Pictures

The Loughborough Church of Christ

Looking Down through the
Market to Loughborough Town

The jetlagged team

Angie in a rare happy mood

Hopscotch on Sunday Afternoon

Rehearsing for the Skits


Monday Afternoon Tea Trivia

Mt. Saint Benard's Abbey
Fave Pic)

Bradgate Park

Paul Hill, in Matrix Mode

A couple of cutups

Banana Piranha!!!!

Kinsey and her Dan (Oh,
yeah, and Kasey)

Let's all go Bananas!!!

Is that a face in your pie, sir?

She's 4. Hopefully she'll
grow out of it.

Kinsey and her new friend, Loren

Kinsey at Chatsworth

The girls in the maze

The Americans descrating
the grounds of Chatsworth

Kinsey and Daddy in Chatsworth

Off to Hogwarts

Is that the Queen?

The Family at Trafalgar

On the London Eye

Tubing after the Lion King

At the Covent Garden Market

The London Eye

Piccadilly Circus

Up the front of Westminster

Westminster at night

The back of Westminster

Blurry Ben


Tony Arnold said...

Great pictures.


Phil said...

The scary thing is that I've got 230 more. And that doesn't count the ones from the rest of the group. I think we took over 1000 total

Fajita said...

Dude, great pics.

On another note, I ahve some serious dodgeball questions for you. Can you e-mail me so I will have your e-mail address and be able to give you my questions?

Malia said...

Awesome pics!

You could do a flickr account and put all of them on there for us to ogle over.

Thanks for posting these!

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