Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Pic

One quick note for those interested. The conversation from Friday's blogpost has continued in the comments, mainly between myself and Father Thomas McKenzie, although Dr. Lee Camp has made a cameo appearance as well.

Friday night, we went to a wedding. Yes, on Friday the 13th. And the couple was married at 6:13. They are obviously not the superstitious sort.

At any rate, it was on the east side of Nashville and since Connor had had a late nap and a good nap, we decided to go downtown and walk on the pedestrian bridge that crosses the Cumberland River. And I got a couple of pictures with my iPhone (hence the middling quality).

Here is Connor with one of our favorite people, Melody.

Here are the kids on the pedestrian bridge with Nashville in the background.

I thought this was the best one that I got that night. This is a shot of the river with the bottom of the bridge reflected in it. I just thought it was a cool look.

1 comment:

Elysa Henegar said...

Wow...there's a little blond Phil looking out from one of those pictures.:)

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