Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun Pictures

Friday night, Sheryl and Kinsey headed out for a girls night together and Connor and I hung out at home and watched Cars. But Sheryl snapped a couple of pictures before they left.

I thought when we had Kinsey that I'd never really be able to love a child as much as her, but I was so, so wrong. Love gets multiplied as we've had kids, not divided. Attention? That can get divided, but not love.

Sunday, we put Connor in an outfit, that my mom made. Now, I'll brag. My mom is quite the seamstress. There are pictures of me around somewhere in clothes that she made back when I was a kid and Kinsey wore dresses that Mom made all the time.

However, it can be hard to make boys' clothes that don't look... girly sometimes. But Mom really pulled it off with this train outfit that she made.

Yep, that's his name on the overalls.

And yes, Kinsey lost her other front tooth on Friday night when out with Sheryl.

Of course we had to get Sheryl into these pictures too.

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