Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Prayer for 2009


Open my eyes to the possibilities of doing good for Your Kingdom, both inside and outside my church.

Give me signs of Your work in this world.

Help me be the father my kids see me as and the husband I want to be to my wife.

For those in need, give them their needs and show me the places where my family can be a part of that.

Bring Your peace in this world in war-torn areas in Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan, and in the strife torn places in our homes and cities.

Help us as a people to not put our hope in politicians who speak with articulate words or those that try to motivate through fear and hate, but to put our hope in the One who conquered death and brought life.

Help Christians band together in community to accomplish Your Kingdom coming on Earth as it is in Heaven and Your Will being done.

Through Jesus,


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