Wednesday, July 02, 2008


So while my wife was watching America's Got (Stupid) Talent, I happened to see it when there was a Heroes promo on, with Season 3 subtitled Villains.

Now, for one thing, because of the strike and no episodes in the spring, I'd kind of forgotten about the show. Part of that is out of sight, out of mind; part of it is because, well, let's just admit it, Season 2 kind of sucked. The whole Maya/Aleja.....zzzzzz, sorry, must've used an old joke there. But that plotline was just kind of bad. Hiro in Japan at least had a payoff, but it lasted too long.

My hope for this season is fewer new characters (although the title of Villains [plural] makes me think that there will be several new characters, unless some of our favorites go bad) and more action. The psychological aspects of what all the Heroes are going through is interesting on a few levels, but it's time to plow new ground on a lot of that as well.

I know I'm going to watch it, but definitely without as much initial enthusiasm as I did for the beginning of Season 2.

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