Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Just got back from a trip down to see Sheryl's brother and his wife down in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. A great trip as always. So, including the trip up to Flint, MI for my grandmother's funeral (1150 miles), the trip to South Dakota (3,000 miles), and this trip (900 miles), that's 5,000 miles in three months. And that doesn't include the flying I did with Kinsey to Colorado and the flight I took to San Diego. The carbon footprint of the Wilson family has been rather substantial this year....

At any rate, I'll have pictures of that trip next week. And speaking of pictures, a great side benefit of our trips has been a chance for Sheryl to develop/enhance her photographer's eye (and Photoshop skills). Just using our little (comparatively) Nikon D40, she's been able to capture some great shots that will save us on paying a pro to take some. Here are some examples of what she's done. All of these were taken in Custer State Park in South Dakota.

Me and the kids walking through a gorge.

A great perspective shot.

Obviously a great picture of Kinsey, but notice how Sheryl blurred the edges to draw focus to Kinsey.

Same thing here, but with Connor.

I think this is something Sheryl is really good at and hopefully, it'll be something she can continue to develop (pun intended, although with computers and digital cameras, you don't really develop anymore and now I've completely ruined the joke.)

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Chris said...

Great going Phil. The more carbon footprints one has the more the economy grows.

Jim Voorhies said...

Way to blow an ending, Phil. :)

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