Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Connor's Sense of Humor

Connor is quickly developing a sense of humor, which I enjoy of course. Case in point. Friday night, I took the kids out by myself to one of the McDonald's that has a play area. Kinsey loved playing in the play area, and Connor wanted to, but obviously couldn't. He did find another mom that he liked and decided he'd play his joke with her. He pulled his hand into his sweater and walked up to her with a very serious look on his face, and then his hand appears and he just laughs and laughs. And then does it again, And again. And again.

So I guess he really is like me, except it's cuter when he does it multiple times. I think Sheryl and Kinsey are in trouble.


Tony Arnold said...

Lord help us all if he has your sense of humor! :-)

Clarissa said...

God bless them.
At least we already know Sheryl is longsuffering.

amanda said...

ok, so i apparently only caught the words sweater/hand and thought , "oh no, he didn't!" since i've seen how he likes to embarrass sheryl and pull on her shirt!

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