Monday, July 30, 2007

Just a note...

For those interested, Brian Littlefield has posted the following question in the comments of the Reactions post...

Based on everything I'm reading here, I'm going to do a little bit of extrapolation and assume that any/all of y'all would regard Mormons as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Is that correct?
Just thought some would like to know, in case you don't check old posts' comments.


Scott said...

What's a Mormon?

Keith Brenton said...

My preaching minister outlines a few Mormon teachings that would lead me to believe that most of us would not be real comfortable with that inclusion - though we would welcome dialogue and interaction:
•There is not one God but many gods.
•God is not spirit but has a body of flesh and bones.
•God has a physical wife (or wives) in heaven.
•God was once a mortal man who became God through obedience to the gospel.
•Jesus is not eternal but was a created being.
•Jesus was not born of a virgin but was conceived from a physical union between God the Father and Mary.

Thomas+ said...

Who am I to argue with the Great Judge Brian?

For the rest, Mormonism isn't Christianity. That doesn't mean that some people who go to Mormon churches aren't Christians. I assume that some members of Christian churches aren't Christians. I guess we'll just have to let God judge the human heart.

God or Brian. Whichever.

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