Monday, November 20, 2006

Fun Weekend

It was a fun weekend, but a whirlwind one.

We left Friday afternoon and drove up to see some of Sheryl's family near Cincinnati. That was a good time and we really got to see some family we didn't know or see that often. Kinsey loves her Grandma Musick so much and I'm so glad she's had a chance to really know her. She loves her so much that when she thought Grandma Musick had left and she hadn't got to hug her, she burst into tears. Thankfully, she hadn't gone and we all got to say goodbye. Connor was a dream and just such a pleasant baby to be around.

We drove back yesterday morning and afternoon, and I got back in time to go downtown and run sound for the Thanksgiving service at the Ryman sponsored by Operation Andrew and the YMCA. I remember last year and how nervous I was to be standing at the board and mixing in the Ryman Auditorium. This year, it was almost old hat. Not exactly "ho hum," but certainly not as nerve wracking as last year.

This is obviously a short week and I'm still working on the Thanksgiving service for Thursday. I think I've got a line on where it's going to go. More later about the Irresistible Revolution. Have a good one.

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