Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Rock and Roll, Dude"

Thanks for all the welcome back's. It's always nice to be missed, even if it's just the writing that I've done. Btw, I made a change to my link section. I made everything so that it opens up in a new window. Do you guys prefer that or the old way where you had to click back here? The old way boosts my hit count, but it seemed like it would be annoying to have to click Back every time to come back to the list of links. This is where the usability engineer in me comes out. If enough people want it the old way, I'll change it back. Otherwise, I'll leave it like this. Also, note that I've added quite a few people in the Otter Creek blog section.

On to the family update.

We're about 6 weeks from Connnor's due date and getting more and more excited. Like I said yesterday, we spent last week doing some painting in Connor's room and will do some more this week in painting yellow stripes on the blue background, which is going to look really neat. My mom is also having a muralist (?) come out and she's going to paint something on the walls to match the theme of the room which is a circus (no scary clowns though [shudder]). Probably ballons or something like that.

Kinsey is getting more and more excited and she really enjoyed doing Connor's bear on Friday night. I think she is going to be such a great big sister. Possibly a tad bossy, but I've heard big sister's can be like that, but never big brothers. :-)

Kinsey and I have also been having some struggles with each other. Both of us are extremely stubborn and I think that she sometimes pushes my buttons just to see my reaction. I wouldn't have thought that a 4, almost 5 year old could be that manipulative, but I was totally wrong. She is. And we've had to have some serious discussions, a lot of time outs, and a few swats on the bottom. Bedtime has not been as fun recently as what it used to be, but last night was great.

As I was putting her to bed and reading her the storybook edition of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (oh, and she watched the movie of it the other day; I'll talk about that later), she put on her sunglasses and climbed into bed. I told her how cute she looked and she raised her glasses up to her forehead and said, in a very affected voice, "Rock and Roll, dude." She is truly my daughter. I've got to get that on video, because the potential for future embarassment is just too great.

Have a great day.


TCS said...

I think that would be an artist. The artist would paint a mural. Now if it were here in Mississippi it might be a muralist or a "that woman that paints walls".

TCS said...

ok instead of deleting and saving face, I stand corrected it is a word.

Phil said...

I love it when I think I'm making up a word and it actually turns out to be one.

Of course, I also loved being in Life Group with Daren and he'd ask me what a word in a book meant, and I'd just make something up off the top of my head. He stopped trusting me after a while.

Tony Arnold said...

I love it Phil.

Maria puts on sun glasses, gives a thumbs up, and says, "Cool Babe-beh".

When she rides with just me in the car, she says, "I want some rock and roll!"

We must be doing something right Phil.


Jennifer Thompson said...

As a big sister to two brothers myself, I can say without a doubt that we are never, ever bossy.


fabricsnob said...

Amen, Jen T. Big sisters are never bossy. Especially once our baby brother is big enough to fight back.

scott said...

Welcome back

Malia said...

I was a bossy big sister. I know, I know, hard to believe right?

Suzie said...

I like opening the link in the new window. It's much more convenient. Tell Sheryl I said hello!

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