Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I Love My Daughter

Today as I was getting into my van to leave for work at 6:55AM, I happened to look over to the front door and saw Sheryl and Kinsey there in their nightgowns. I took one look at Kinsey and she was crying. And I knew why.

She hadn't gotten to say goodbye to me.

She doesn't usually, because she's asleep, but this morning she got up, went into our bedroom, saw that I wasn't there and started crying for me. They ran to the front door and saw me about to leave. I ran out of my van and went to give them both kisses and then left. I felt bad for Sheryl to have to get up so early, but I have to admit: I love my Kinsey Kisses.

Podcast will be up tomorrow, if you're wondering; we had some technical difficulties.

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Tony Arnold said...

Maria does the same occasionally (although being the early morning riser she is, she rarely misses me leaving). It is so wonderful to loved and needed for no particularly good reason. It is great being a dad.


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