Tuesday, February 14, 2006

From the eyes of a child

One of the best things about having a child is the ability to see things through his or her eyes. This has become amazingly apparent to me with the move of Otter Creek from the Granny White location to the new one on Franklin Road.

If you've read my blog, you know that the move has really hit me in ways that I didn't know it would. However, seeing the whole move through Kinsey's eyes has really put it into some perspective. While that is a place that will always mean a lot to me, I doubt that Kinsey will have very strong memories of the Granny White building. I do wonder if the memories that I have Granny White building will be similar to ones that she'll have about the Franklin Road one. And if I find deep theological meaning in stained glass (yes, I can), to her it's just a building and a stage she can jump off of.

I also remember when I lost my job. Kinsey was 11 months old and while that was truly one of the most depressing times of my life (I worked at O'Charley's), I could still look at her and think about the fact that she would have no memory of it.

Children are a gift, not simply for their presence, but for the perspective they give us.


Justin said...

finally listened to the podcast. i really enjoyed it. ya'll are doing an excellent job. Keep it coming!

Tony Arnold said...

Phil, our children definitely provide a perspective on things that somehow adults have lost over the years. They are truly a gift from God.

Other than Christ himself, my wife and child have had the greatest impact in changing me for the better.


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