Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Giving Back

I hope everyone in blogland had a good holiday. Ours was good and not too stressful, except when my mom, dad, and stepdad all showed up at church at the same time.... Another story for another day.

Kinsey had a good Christmas too, presents wise anyway. One thing that did happen is that she got several duplicates of gifts. Dora furniture and a Cinderella doll. Sheryl and I talked about it and decided that instead of taking them back to the store, we wanted to take them down to a place where some kids might not have gotten much or anything. We talked to Kinsey about and she agreed too. We figured she had enough toys (too many probably) and that taking stuff back to Target would just give us more than we really needed.

It's a small thing, but what I really hope it does is teach her a lesson about giving and specifically about giving her things away.

If you have children, what are you doing to help teach them about giving?


Clarissa said...

No, no, tell the story today! I noticed ... was dying to hear about it all ... do tell.

Phil said...

I think that story may be a bit too personal for blogland. There's a lot of history and other feelings that go into it...

Clarissa said...

Yeah, okay, whatever. Maybe a good IM convo sometime.

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