Thursday, December 09, 2004

Consumers of Church

It seems that as we form our societal bonds; they are based on consumer needs. That seems particularly appropriate for churches and especially churches in a city like Nashville. We get together in groups where we agree on what we're going to consume: a worship style, a type of preaching, a youth leader, one cup, etc. But, when something comes up that we disagree with, as consumers we feel it's our right to find another church.

I wonder sometimes if the amount of choices for churches in a city like Nashville makes us awful, terrible at resolving conflicts. I wonder if we've stopped thinking of church as a family and more of a social group. If we disagree with a social group, we find another one. If we disagree with our family, we try to find a way to solve the problems.


Adam said...

I believe that consumerism is contradictory to the way of Jesus. It is also the hallmark of our culture (modern AND postmodern). You are right though. It cuts both ways. If one leaves a church because it is too consumer oriented/driven then one has become the very thing they percieve themselves to be fighting against.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment of the problem, Phil. Some former members of my congregation recently left because they "weren't comfortable" there any longer. There were issues of disagreement, to be sure. But I really take issue with the attitude that we should shop around for the most comfortable church home. (As if our spiritual family were akin to a pair of shoes.) Sure, if you are new to an area, find the congregation that best suits you; but once you're in, I think you need to feel a commitment that should not be easily broken.


Susie said...

That sounds correct, BUT . . .
The people in the other churches are our family too, no? I kind of feel that when I was baptized, I was added to the Lord's church. That to me transcends beyond just my personal home congregation, no?

Phil said...

I think that's a great point, Susie, and I think what you say has implications overall for how we deal with each other as Christians, whether they worship where I do or down the street at the Baptist church.

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