Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I discovered something brutally honest about myself today: I have a great capacity, underthe right circumstances, to be a huge a…….

Normally, those circumstances include when I am absolutely convinced of the righteousness of my cause and the complete wrongness of the other side. It almost completely removes my ability to see how what I can do, say, or write can affect others. I can be hurtful under the guise of honesty and I push my agenda onto people, again convinced of the righteousness of my cause.

I may have irrevocably damaged a relationship today. I may have hurt and disappointed someone that I care about. And even worse, I did it in Jesus' name.

I told this person that I thought actions he was taking were not as Christ-like as I felt they should be. Saying by implication, "Why aren't you as much like Jesus as I am?"

I've done some stupid stuff in my life and honestly, this doesn't really crack the top ten. But today, it hurts like h... to know that I've spiritually wounded someone, a friend, someone I've looked up to in the past, and still do. But someone I disagree with on some issues.

However, I decided that because I knew so much better than him, it was ok to question his actions and motivations. I decided that the way of the Pharisee was better than the way of Jesus.


Brandon Scott said...

I appreciate your heart. I know "he" does too. I'm glad we're brothers.

Anonymous said...


If you see a brother sinning and talk to him about it, that's a good thing. The Bible tells us to do that. If we love each other we will look out for each other.

Are you saying your attitude or motivation was not right?

Rob Cox

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