Friday, April 23, 2004

Just some thoughts about the death of Pat Tillman today in Afghanistan.

I listen to a lot of sports talk, particularly the Dan Patrick show on ESPN Radio. They've talked a lot about the incredible nature of this guy and how he walked away from $3 million to go serve his country. It's mainly said with amazement. The challenging thing to me is that he did what we are all called spiritually to do. He put feet on his patriotism after September 11 in the way that I'm supposed to put feet on my faith. Dallas Willard said at one time that having money is not a problem. It's when the money has you that the problems start.

I admire Pat Tillman for the example he set in showing that there is more than money to life. I forget that too many times in this consumer-driven culture.

One last thought: I've got a face on a soldier who has died, but there are many others. Lift one up for all their families and the loss and that God will surround them in their grief.

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