Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Got back from Orlando on Monday, which made it a long day and then back to work on Tuesday. It was a good trip and about the right length for something like that. Three days is just about right. Kinsey had a great time, although a little scared at the beach by the ocean. It’s kind of funny. I remember when Kinsey was a bit younger that she wasn’t scared by much of anything. Now, a train at night or even the vacuum cleaner really makes her scared.

The other big thing I’m worried about now is her pacifier or passy. She didn’t really take it much when she was an infant, but now she HAS to have it in the car and in bed. I want to break her of it, but I know that’s going to be a bad experience. Sheryl and I have been talking to her about giving her passy’s away to her cousin when she’s born in a couple of weeks, and Kinsey’s seemed like she’s ok with that. However, I don’t think she understands that she won’t get them back.

Of course, last night, she called herself a big girl and when I pointed out that big girls don’t need passy’s, she didn’t seem broken up by that, but then gave her usual addendum that she needs it in her car seat and in bed.

One last Kinsey note. She’s been singing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King, and only that line from the song for the last couple of days. We’ve been trying to remind her that there are other songs in the world, but she doesn’t seem interested. On our way home from the grocery store last night, she started singing it again. So I started singing “Hakuna Matada” (sp?) at the same time. Then Sheryl started singing “Circle of Life.” So all of us were singing at the same time at the top of our lungs and trying not to die laughing at the same time. We had a blast.

I finished A New Kind of Christian the other day, but I’m going to have to reread it. There’s a lot of stuff in there that I’m not sure I comprehended and maybe not even agreed with. I may be too modern to grasp all of it, but I at least want to think about it. It's a different way of thinking about faith.


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