Friday, September 25, 2009

On Taking a Break

It's been kind of weird for me to not be blogging for the last little while. After having done it for basically 4 years straight, losing my "voice" so to speak has felt both disconcerting and freeing. Freeing because I don't feel like I have to have something to say about something every day, but also disconcerting because I don't feel like I have anything to say. When you write what is basically a journal for 4 years, filling it with your thoughts and opinions and the other mind rubbish that comes up, not having much to say feels strangely empty.

I suppose I could "assign" myself something, like I'll talk about each member of the Trinity for one post a week. Or I could examine the traditional 5 steps of salvation over the course of 5 weeks. I could probably come up with some decent insights and opinions about that, but again, that almost feels like busy work.

Maybe I'm thinking too highly of myself and/or expecting too much out of myself, wanting to have something deep and insightful each time I write something, which is both extremely narcissistic and unfair to myself as a writer.

So I guess I'll just wait for the Muse to strike me again. Maybe I'll hear something at Zoe next week that will push me to share a thought or two. Or maybe not. Be that as it may, I'm not abandoning blogging. I'm just waiting for it to have meaning for me again.


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Jim Voorhies said...

Or you could dump more mind rubbish. I love that phrase.

I'm seeing this same thing several places (and feel it myself as well). I do it for me, which is about as narcissistic as you can get) and yet I don't. It's a part finding my own way and perhaps helping others at the same time, this mind rubbish thing. It becomes part obligation, part release, part fun and part burden.

One of the fun parts is making up definitions for the captcha words. Oradroun: When too many people are talking all at once and the mind can't sort them all out.

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