Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Connor's Tonsils

On Monday, Connor had a surgery to take out his tonsils. He's had very bad sleep apnea as well as consistent sinus infections, and when we looked at his tonsils, he had very little room in between them because of their size, so out they came. Here are some pics.

Right after the surgery, still fast asleep.

Slowly waking up, but he really hated that gown, so off it came.

Eating a popsicle, getting ready to go home (he threw up the popsicle on the way home)

All in all, he was a real trooper. He drank well and as a result, we were able to get home by 1pm. He had a rougher day Tuesday, throwing up quite a bit, but by the afternoon had seemed to get over it. For those of you wondering about giving a child a tonsillectomy when he'd just had a broken leg, it actually isn't the worst time to have a broken leg. You don't want a child to be too active after the surgery, so with his leg, Connor can't be his normal active self. Now, I'm not advocating breaking your 3 year old's leg before surgery, but in this case it kind of worked out for the best.

I'd also ask for your prayers for me as I get knee surgery next Monday, but especially for Sheryl as she deals with me and Connor convalescing at the same time.

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Jim Voorhies said...

At first glance at the second picture I thought "Is that a tattoo? Does Connor have a chest tat?" Then I looked closer. :)

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