Friday, June 10, 2005

Well, not much to blog about right now. Things at work are pretty crazy and I haven't had time to do much thinking or pondering so today will be a mish mash of things I think are interesting.

I watched Hit Me Baby One More Time on NBC last night and enjoyed it way more that I should have. I even liked hearing Vanilla Ice do Ice Ice Baby again. The best version of that song I've ever heard was a mix of it and Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen (from which VI stole the beat). However, last night, the Knack's cover of the Jet tune was really good and I kind of think they were robbed.

You should really read Mike Cope's Blog from yesterday. Well worth the time and the thinking that it provokes.

You should also read Preston's Blog from yesterday. It puts Jesus into a great context and how we would think of him today.

Finally, I'm going to admit my vice to all of you. Well, okay, one of them. I like to listen to conservative Church of Christ lectureships. Yes, it's a personality flaw. But the truth is that at the church I grew up in (Otter Creek, where I currently attend) I was never exposed to this kind of teaching, so this is really a window into my religious heritage.

I say that to say this. A certain lectureship starts on Sunday that I almost wish I was attending. It is the Bellview Church of Christ Lectureship in Pensacola, Florida and the title of the lectureship is "The Blight of Liberalism." Not liberalism like Democrats or something. No, liberalism like the church I attend, or Highland in Abilene.

I know I shouldn't listen, but this is going to be such a train wreck I don't think I can turn away, particularly with lecture titles like: Stemming the Tide of Liberalism, “Moderates” Pave the Way for Liberalism, and The State of the Church Today.

Have a good one.


Tony Arnold said...

Phil, are these lectureships broadcast? Do you listen after the fact through tapes or CDs?

Just wondering about the access method in case I wanted to listen too.


Phil said...


They are actually broadcast live and archived for later perusal on that same page.

Fajita said...

Phil, you're a nice guy and all, but this is weird.

So, when you see someone's arm break, do you keep looking even though it is hideous? :-)

Peace, bro! Happy lectureships.

Phil said...


It kind of depends. If it's my arm, yeah probably. Heck, I watched my wife get her epidural (and it was my mom giving it to her).

I even like NASCAR for the wrecks (as long as no one gets hurt).

And don't forget, I admitted that it was a vice.

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